> Through the looking glass : Pictures of my Stuart crystal collection

I have written this blog mainly through my interest of Stuart crystal. After being at home with my daughter I started to use my computer more often and I started selling my stuff on eBay which lead me to buying Stuart crystal from the art deco period with the Stratford rings. After searching the web for more information on this style I found there is not much information around. So I started to write this site which includes pictures of my collection and some of my other interests. As I collect more I will be adding other pictures as well (I'm sure other designs will creep in).

I have had several questions regarding the value of Stuart Crystal glasses, I'm sorry I am unable to give valuations as I am a private collector, and I do not have that knowlege. I have picked Stuart glasses up from as little as 20p up to a few pounds So they are worth whatever people are prepared to pay!

So I hope you enjoy reading my site, find some of my posts interesting and the pictures are a useful reference.

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Collecting glass can be a interesting hobby. I love scouring car boots, I always try to get to a car boot before the traders get there and buy all the bargains but alas with a little one having a broken nights sleep I never seem to make it early enough. But its great fun rummaging in those boxes the stall holders cant be bothered to display, and sad to say it is a rush when I find a piece of Stuart crystal or when you spot a item on a table you rush over to grab it almost pushing people out the way (not really I'm usually wheeling my 2 year old in a push chair). Then you haggle, they want a pound you offer 50p then you come to a agreement of 75p. keeping and eye out for a interesting item, I'm mainly into collecting Stuart crystal,and I love it when I find a piece for 50p. http://www.carbootjunction.com/
Charity shops are also a great place to find great items, but usually things are a little bit dearer, but hey they are good causes so you cant begrudge paying that little bit extra, a lot of them do have people value the items so they now what they are selling. http://www.alotoforganics.co.uk/cats/charity.php

Antiques fairs are always a good place to look for a item you collect, but I didn't find any Stuart crystal at the last fair that I went to. But its great chatting to people who know a lot about glassware, and learning from them. http://www.antiquesnews.co.uk/fairs/list.htm

The next place I'm going to try are auctions I believe they are a good place to look as well! I just need to jiggle my time so I can go to one! (but I know I will probably get carried away and spend to much!).

Ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/ is a great place to find glass you are collecting sometimes you can get great bargains, I love bidding right at the end I try to bid at the last minute (finger poised on the bid now button at the last few seconds) is also fun! and as I usually get carried away buying things. Its a great place to sell as well! There is only so much one can keep! making a little more money to spend on buying Stuart crystal!!

I'm getting quite good now a recognising who made what piece of glass and roughly when, if I buy a item at a car boot or charity shop I enjoy scouring the web looking for my item and identifying it! glass collecting is also a learning curve as well !

There is also garage sales, second hand shops or even small antique/bric-a-brac shops worth looking at.

There is something beautiful about glassware, the way the light catches it the sound and the history.

There is so many types and styles of glass, crystal, pressed glass, blown, uranium glass which I also love as it glows in the dark when you use a ultra Violet light on it (slightly radioactive) http://www.glass.co.nz/uranium.htm.Pearline which actually produces arsenic in the process of making.http://www.glass.co.nz/Davidson.htm

Different types of glass that are worth collecting http://collectibles.about.com/cs/glasscollecting/

Glass making is an art, and a very intresting hobby!


The Red House Cone

Picture is courtesy of 'The History anarak'.

The red house glass cone is generally know for being the home of Stuart crystal, who produced crystal in the cone from 1916 until 1936, until Stuart out grew the cone and moved to a factory across the road producing crystal till the Waterford Wedgwood took over Stuart crystal, and closed its doors in 2001.

The cone was built around 1790. Its is a amazing 100ft high, a local landmark. It is one of the only 4 glass cones still standing, and is still being used now, as a heritage centre, museum and workshop. Dudley Council owns the Red House Glass Cone. It is also a listed building. http://www.dudley.gov.uk/leisure-and-culture/museums--galleries/red-house-glass-cone

It is situated in the Stourbridge area,'The glass quarter' , where glass has been manufactured for centuries, The Red House Cone sits along side the Stourbridge canal.

Picture is courtesy of ' head off elephant / Wayne Ruston'.

Thank you to history anarak and head of elephant/Wayne Rusto for letting me publish their pictures!


I have compiled this list of links to give you information on Stuart Crystal all in one place so they can be used for reference. I hope they are useful and save you time searching for them yourself.
They include History, Redhouse glassworks, designs/patterns and Stuart Crystal marks.
If I find anymore sites that may be helpful I will add them to my list.

Britians finest
Style & design
Waterford Wedgwood
Tableware today
Great Glass


Great glass photo library
Discontinued Designs
Replacements LTD.
Titanic mementos


Style & Design
Great Glass

These photographs of Stuart crystal marks were taken from my own collection, Marks are acid etched, and are usually found on the base. These styles of marks were introduced around the 1920's.

Reg No.MakerDates
185803Stuart & Sons04/01/1892
486685Stuart & Sons08/08/1906
534388 Stuart & Sons Ltd16/12/1908
556784Stuart & Sons Ltd04/02/1910
580798Stuart & Sons Ltd22/03/1911
599115Stuart & Sons Ltd01/04/1912
637674-5Stuart & Sons Ltd28/05/1914
639278Stuart & Sons Ltd02/07/1914
659164Stuart & Sons Ltd16/01/1917
665647Stuart & Sons Ltd14/11/1918
669086Stuart & Sons Ltd16/05/1919
671274Stuart & Sons Ltd04/09/1919
674296Stuart & Sons Ltd31/01/1920
681268-70Stuart & Sons Ltd21/02/1921
681307-11Stuart & Sons Ltd22/02/1921
681614-6Stuart & Sons Ltd10/03/1921
681649-52Stuart & Sons Ltd12/03/1921
681850Stuart & Sons Ltd22/03/1921
682563Stuart & Sons Ltd29/04/1921
682592-3Stuart & Sons Ltd02/05/1921
688177Stuart & Sons Ltd15/02/1922
689023Stuart & Sons Ltd16/03/1922
692376Stuart & Sons Ltd22/08/1922
719536-9Stuart & Sons Ltd09/03/1926
726223Stuart & Sons Ltd23/12/1926
726486Stuart & Sons Ltd11/01/1927
730887Stuart & Sons Ltd16/07/1927
753800Stuart & Sons Ltd09/04/1930
754706-7Stuart & Sons Ltd16/05/1930
761971-8Stuart & Sons Ltd18/02/1931
764703-4Stuart & Sons Ltd01/06/1931
788971Stuart & Sons Ltd30/12/1933
797072Stuart & Sons Ltd12/10/1934
813473Stuart & Sons Ltd30/06/1936
825662Stuart & Sons Ltd26/01/1938
833871Stuart & Sons Ltd06/03/1939


I am looking at purchasing a tall diamond cut lemonade jug.
I am a bit concerned that the jug-only available-has no "Stuart" marking on it. The dealer assures me that this is common.
Could you please advise me if this is the case.
Best wishes from Australia.


Hi, Rhonda yes this is common some Stuart items do not have a mark on them. From what I have learned if there is not a mark it is usually because the item of glassware is second grade (i.e there is a slight flaw) If you examine the item there my be mark or bubbles in the crystal or the pattern may be slightly uneven, but still good enough to sell. Have you checked the pattern is a recognised Stuart pattern? Some of my Stuart pieces do not have the makers mark. I also have a item where the mark is so worn I can only just see the 'S' in certain lights. hope this helps. Loraine.


I"m sorry but I could not find your name on your website. Great site by the way. I see that you know your glass, and was wondering if you could tell me, if you have ever seen a piece like mine. I have researched for hours and can not find any info on it. When I enter or look up crystal dish that is the shape of a crown I get the same thing everytime. I get the king's crown glass. Would you be so kind to tell me if you have ever seen a dish like mine and tell me who made it. It sure looks like a crown to me. I can not find any makers mark on it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Regards Cindy



Hi, Cindy, Unfortunatley I havent seen anything like this before, it is a unusual piece, I have had a look at the sites I use for reference and found nothing to indicate who made it or as you say when you look in search it does only come up with The king's crown glass.
This site may be of use to you you can post your picture and hopefully get a response. http://www.glassmessages.com/
If you dont mind I will keep your email so if I come across anything like it I can let you know.
Sorry I couldnt help you.
Regards Loraine.


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